Crossroads Prayer Labyrinth and Meditation Area

“Guide me in the path of your commands, for I delight to walk in it.”  
                                                                               Psalm 119:35
Walk our Prayer Labyrinth anytime, it is open to the public.
Walk with us:  Tuesday mornings @ 8:00 and Thursday evenings @ 5:30
About Labyrinths
Located in Chartres, France, is one of the most recognized labyrinths in the world.  It was constructed in the 13th century, is approximately 42 feet in diameter and has an 11 circuit pattern.  Today, people continue to walk the Chartres.
The Crossroads United Church of Christ Prayer Labyrinth is designed after the Chartres.  We offer the inner circle, with a 7 circuit pathway, winding through a 30 foot diameter circle.  
This Labyrinth and meditation area evolved from a vision to reality through the generous support of this congregation and our friends.  It was made possible through contributions of labor, funds, time, support, prayer and most importantly the grace of God.
This Labyrinth was created to provide a peaceful place where all are invited to grow spiritually through prayer and meditation.
God is still speaking…
Let’s quiet ourselves and listen.